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Early reservation is required for popular hair loss salon

Recently many women attend a hair removal salon, there is a hair removal salon in any city, demand is rising.
In many town information magazines etc., many shops were picked up, and prices and courses are also various, so I think that I will get lost as to which shops to attend.
I did hair loss on the waki two years ago.
The reason why I decided the salon I went through was that I was working at an apparel company at that time and was doing a hospitality business at a certain shopping mall.
At that time, a depilation salon in the same mall started a profitable campaign for summer, so we decided to ask for depilation of Waki ??at that salon.
In addition, there was a limited service of employees in the mall, and we decided that it was profitable as there was even a 1000 yen discount on the price.
When booking, I decided on the date of enforcement by going to the salon on the way home from work.

Since my hair removal salon was in the same mall as my office, I could go to the shop soon to make a reservation, but my reservation is always crowded It was.
After all, the target seems to be a lot of OL attending on the day of work or on holidays, and on weekdays evenings, Saturdays and Sundays were filled with reservations until two months ahead.
Hair loss does not go every month, but despite things like going once every 3 months, the reservation was full so please make yourself convenient and make a reservation at your store as soon as possible It was.
I was the only depilation salon in the large shopping mall in the area and I think that the popularity was also high, as it was a famous shop spreading nationwide.

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